Uni Trax 1000

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 UNI TRAX 1000™

These complete Tie-Down Kits are great for Trucks, Trailers, Service Vehicles and so much more! Made from strong aviation alloys, their low profile allows you to place them where You need them. Load Locks can be placed at 1″ increments along the Trax. Trax can be mounted end-to-end to expand your tie-down possibilities.

See our Lock-IN-Load Attachments to expand your tie-down system to suit your particular needs.

  • High strength, aviation grade aluminum 6061-T6.
  • CNC machined for precise fit, function and secure load management.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • Available in Black or Silver finish.
  • Trax Dimensions (inches):
    1.3 W x .4 H x 4.75 L
    1.3 W x .4 H x 36 L
    1.3 W x .4 H x 48 L
    1.3 W x .4 H x 96 L
  • Permanently mounts to substrate at:
    6” intervals (36”, 48” & 96” trax)
    3” interval (4.75” trax)
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Drill-through mounting holes (82 degree counter sunk).
  • Lock-IN-Load™ attachment points every inch provides unlimited choices.
  • Sleek, low profile design expands your choice of permanent mounting locations.
  • Mounting Hardware Pak (¼” x 20 x 1” 82° screws, washers and lock nuts).
  • Instantly create tie-down anywhere you need them!
  • Use kits individually, or combine kits for ultimate tie-down possibilities! Combine two 3 foot trax end-to-end to span 6 feet, two 4′ trax end-to-end to span 8 feet, or one of each to achieve a combined length of 7 feet or stager with a short kit 4.75”.
  • You can modify the length of the Trax by cutting to suit your needs. Note: Cut end results in an unfinished end and may require adding mounting through hole.
  • Strength of the Trax system is dependent on mounting system used and substrate strength.
  • IBP’s (Installer Bulk Paks) “bulk paks” available in 8’ lengths (10 trax, 20 Load Lock™ & hardware).
  • GREAT FOR: Trucks, Trailers, Service Vans AND MORE…
  • Check out our NEW… Money Saving Combo Kits.
  • Impressively Strong, Multi-Functional & Stylish.
  • A Tie Down point where you want!
  • Several types of Lock-IN-Load™ Attachments to fit specific needs make the Core Trax™ systems truly multi-functional.
  • Lock-IN-Load™ attachments interchangeable with all Core Trax™ Tie Down Systems.
  • What’s it fit: Not Make or Model Specific.
  • Useful working load Uni Trax 1000™ – 650 lbs per point.

4.0′ Trax Kits
Part #CT48B Black
Part #CT48S Silver

3.0′ Trax Kits
Part #CT36B Black
Part #CT36S Silver

Kits include:
  2 Uni Trax 1000™ (Black or Silver finish)
  4 Load Lock™
  Mounting hardware (machine screws, washers and lock nuts)

Short Trax™ Kits (4.75″)
Part #CT05B Black
Part #CT05S Silver
Kits Include:
  2 Uni Trax 1000™ (Black or Silver finish)
  2 Load Lock™
  Mounting hardware (machine screws, washers and lock nuts for standard heavy duty installation; sheet metal screws  for lighter duty installation)

8.0′ Trax BULK PAK Kits
Part #CT8FBPB Black
Part #CT8FBPS Silver
Part #CT8FBPM Mill
BULK Paks Include:
  10 Uni Trax 1000™ (Black, Silver or Mill finish)
  20 Load Lock™
  Mounting hardware (machine screws, washers and lock nuts)

Spot Trax™ Kits (1.75”)

  • Available in a Black/Silver vein finish
  • Trax Dimensions (inches):
    • 1.23 W x .36 H x 1.75 L
  • Permanently mounts to substrate at:
    • 1” interval
  • Drill-through mounting holes (100° counter sunk)

Part #CT02SV
Silver Vein
Kit Includes:
  2 Trax
  2 Load Lock™
  Mounting hardware (100° sheet metal screws for lighter duty installation)

UNI CAP™ (END CAP FOR UNI TRAX 1000™ 3′, 4′ & 8′ Length Trax)

The End Cap is designed for the Uni Trax 1000 series, trax tie down system. It’s tapered nose helps eliminate the blunt end of the Trax when sliding items across, or when you just want that great looking finish to a hard working Trax tie down system.

  • Provides a great looking finish to the end of Core’s Uni Trax 1000™.
  • Tapered nose helps eliminate a blunt end when sliding items across.
  • Rounded arrow point with tapered top.
  • What’s it fit: Fits Uni Trax 1000™ (3’, 4’ & 8’).
  • Useful working load – Not Applicable.
  • Made of aviation alloy.

Part #ECUT2
2 Pack