Pet Safety Cable

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Core offers a unique assortment of Lock-In-Load Attachments that are universal to Core’s Uni Trax and Maxx Trax Systems. These Lock-In-Load Attachments also fit tie-down track in Sprinter Vans and are compatible with most C Track and L Track profiles.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Keep every member of your family safe in your truck, van or SUV.
  • Attaches to ALL Core-Trax™ systems.
  • 2’ foot of heavy-duty cable with fasteners connects to your dogs chest harness.
  • What’s it fit: Fits ALL Core Trax™ series Uni Trax 1000™ & Maxx Trax 2000™.
  • Useful working load – 200 lbs.
  • Made of coated galvanized aircraft cable, Load Lock™ (see product), steel (w/corrosion resistant finish) harness latch.
  • Note: When pet is connected to leash/trax unit, the pet should not be able to place paws on bed rails or exterior of vehicle. The pet should not be able to become suspended by this product. NEVER/DO NOT connect to pets collar.

One Size
Part #CTP24
Single Pack