Load Locks

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Core offers a unique assortment of Lock-In-Load Attachments that are universal to Core’s Uni Trax and Maxx Trax Systems. These Lock-In-Load Attachments also fit tie-down track in Sprinter Vans and are compatible with most C Track and L Track profiles.

Load Lock (Standard) Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety and ease of use. The glass/nylon retainer (finger grip) keeps rattle noise to a minimum and resists electrolysis between metals.

Load Lock (Stainless Steel Pin) Has all of the benefits of our Standard Load Lock with the added benefit of use within a marine environment, or where our Standard hardened steel coated pin will be subject to harsh weather or environment.

Load Lock (Commercial Grade: Aluminum Retainer/Steel Pin) This Load Lock is rough and tough and ready to work. Designed more for the commercial trade where the retainer (finger grip) may be subject to striking contact by heavy objects. Its low profile Aluminum retainer (winged finger grip) makes it a winner in the working environment where looks make way to endurance.

  • Can be located anywhere you need it along the Core Trax™ systems, so you can tie down your cargo with ease.
  • Lock in place or remove with ease using one hand.
  • What’s it fit: Fits ALL Core Trax™ systems (Uni Trax 1000™ & Maxx Trax 2000™).
  • Easy grip (glass nylon) finger pull retainer (or aluminum short grip retainer).
  • Stainless steel ring for attaching hooks, ropes, and tie down straps.
  • Useful working load – 650 lbs.
  • Made of Hardened steel pin*, glass filled nylon (*or Aviation alloy) retainer, stainless steel spring and ring.
  • Rotates 360 degrees.

STANDARD Glass Nylon Retainer/*Coated Steel Pin
Part #CTLL2
2 Pack
Also available Bulk in large quantities

STAINLESS STEEL PIN Glass Nylon Retainer/*Stainless Steel Pin
Available in bulk

COMMERCIAL GRADE*Aluminum Retainer/Coated Steel Pin
Part #CTLL2-A
2 Pack
Also available Bulk in large quantities