Duo Lock Cleat

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Core offers a unique assortment of Lock-In-Load Attachments that are universal to Core’s Uni Trax and Maxx Trax Systems. These Lock-In-Load Attachments also fit tie-down track in Sprinter Vans and are compatible with most C Track and L Track profiles.


  • Commercial strength, dual positioning cleat.
  • Utilizes the strength of two connecting points within the Core Trax™ system, providing added strength required for those times extra holding power is a must!
  • Made of hardened steel with commercial grade zinc coating.
  • What’s it fit: Fits ALL Core Trax™ series Uni Trax 1000™ & Maxx Trax 2000™.
  • Useful working load – 1200 lbs.

Part #CTDSL2
2 Pack