Core Trax Aids

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TRAX FILLER STRIP (For Uni Trax 1000™ & Maxx Trax 2000™)

This Core Trax flexible Filler Strip helps to prevent debris build-up in the Trax which can create obstacles when inserting Lock-IN-Load Attachments.

  • Provides a great looking finish to the Core’s Uni Trax 1000™ or Maxx Trax 2000™.
  • Rounded top.
  • Can be cut to size.
  • What’s it fit: Fits Uni Trax 1000™ and Maxx Trax 2000™ profiles.
  • Useful working load – Not Applicable.
  • Made of  flexible plastic.

8′ Length
Part #CTFS08
Single Piece

25′ Length
Part #CTFS25
Single Piece