Cargo Safety Nets

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Nothing Like It! These covers with their CORE Lok™ adjustable perimeter control system and Carabineers in each corner make it easy to connect to your vehicle’s tie-downs. The Cargo Cover/Net conforms and adjusts to your cargo, creating a secure fit! Three Sizes. No other Cargo Cover/Net comes close!

Larger loads? The Extension Straps™ will help you! (Learn more below)

  • Quickly cover & uncover your load.
  • Exclusive Core-Lok™ adjustable perimeter control system.
  • Conforms to federal and state loose cargo/load laws.
  • Strong UV resistant nylon (non-elastic) netting.
  • Durable polypropylene perimeter webbing.
  • Great over tarps.
  • Conforms to the shape/size of load.
  • Installs in seconds – No tools!
  • Fasteners in each corner for quick and easy connection to existing tie-downs.
  • Designed to adjust to different load heights.
  • Tangle resistant (compared to elastic competitive products).
  • Tough, durable materials hold up in all types of weather.
  • A must for all open bed trucks.
  • Additional clasp allows you to clip excess strap.
  • Color: Black.
  • What’s it fit: Not Make or Model Specific. Available in Three Sizes; each is Adjustable!
    Small: Fits Compact Short Bed Truck (or comparable Trailer size) Adjustable!
    Medium: Fits Compact Long Bed or Full Size Short Bed Truck (or comparable Trailer size) Adjustable!
    Large: Fits Full Size Long Bed Truck (or comparable Trailer size) Adjustable!
  • Useful working load – Not Applicable.
  • Made of nylon net, poly webbing, steel zinc carabineers and cam buckle.

Small (Fits Compact Short Bed Truck/Comparable Trailer size)
Part #CSN6272
Approx. 62″W x 72″L / 5’2″W x 6’L

Medium (Fits Compact Long Bed/Full Size Short Bed/Comparable Trailer size)
Part #CSN6674
Approx. 66″W x 74″L / 5’6″W x 6’2″L

Large (Fits Full Size Long Bed Truck/Comparable Trailer size)
Part #CSN6698
Approx. 66″W x 98″L / 5’6″W x 8’2″L

Measurements above are approximate as the Cargo Covers are adjustable.
Note: Nylon netting manufactured on the “diamond” (rather than square or octagon mesh). This allows for the net to fold closed/lengthen (if need be). This works in both directions (width/length) for particular applications. Additionally the adjustable perimeter strap will allow the user to bring in/reduce the overall size, as well as extend/enlarge the cover.

Keep in mind that the type of tie-down points and their location will play a part in the size/fit of the cargo cover too. The basis of the cover is to create a “pocket” and the perimeter strap is used to cinch the net, allowing the net to form around objects to keep them from becoming airborne during transport.

From the standard measurements noted, the covers can elongate approximately 15-20% and expand in width 10-15%.


Larger loads to transport? Extension Straps™ help you in a hurry! Equipped with the same strong carabineers found on our Cargo Cover/Net, and multiple D-Rings, you can extend the height of your Cargo Cover/Net from 10″-17″! Secure taller loads quickly by increasing the height of your Core™ Cargo Safety Net.

  • UV resistant materials.
  • Quick release attachments.
  • Installs in seconds – No tools.
  • Use the entire strap length for the tall loads.
  • Use the middle D-ring for shorter loads.
  • Extends height from 10” to 17”.
  • Color: Black.
  • What’s it fit: Universal to ALL Core Cargo Safety Covers
  • Useful working load – Not Applicable
  • Made of poly webbing, steel zinc carabineers and glass/nylon D-rings.

One Size
Part #CNES17 Black
2 Pack