Cargo Accessories

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This item is amazing! Simply form the Coreganizer around the object to assist it from movement, or position it over lighter items to keep them from rolling/sliding.

  • Everyone needs one… not just mom!
  • Coreganizer easily dams-up items from sliding; also helps to organize and secure light objects.
  • Great in cargo areas of all vehicles (as well as boats, RVs, etc.) with looped carpet/fiber.
  • Conforms to almost any shape.
  • No tools or hardware required – Velcro type fastener on one side.
  • Can be used/repositioned over and over.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Meets federal fire retardant laws.
  • Works with any LOOPED fiber or fabric surfaces.
  • Don’t worry… If you don’t have looped fiber or fabric surface, you can still get the benefits of the COREGANIZER with our CoreMat!
  • Works GREAT with BED RUG Truck bed style liners.
  • Color: Black
  • Not Make or Model Specific. Measures approximately 40″ L x 2″ W x 2″ D.
  • Made of nylon fabric, hook material and foam interior (water repellant and flame retardant).
  • Useful working load – Not Applicable

One Size
Part #CG240B
Single Pack


This item is necessary/can be used with the Coreganizer WHERE LOOPED fiber/fabric SURFACE IS NOT AVAILABLE.

  • Core MAT is 18” x 30” looped mat; available when looped carpet/fiber is not an option.
  • “Non-skid” backing, is UV, Stain, and Moisture resistant.
  • Color: Tan .
  • Not Make or Model Specific. Measures approximately 30″ L x 18″ W.

One Size
Part #CM1830
Single Pack