Discounted Products

Discounted Products Offered:

Factory Blems – Discontinued Products – Out Dated Packaging – Returns

What does this page represent?

Over the years we’ve had consumers inquire if we had any discounted or blem stock items available? As we don’t generally sell directly to consumers, our answer for the most part was no.

As our current economy has been challenging on all of us, we made the decision to make these products available direct to the consumer for those times when saving a few dollars is more important than cosmetics. These are products that are cosmetically challenged, have packaging issues, or are outdated production items.

1) Factory Blems – What is a factory blem you ask?

a)  A factory blem is a product that, during Q/C (quality control inspection), was rejected for small imperfection(s).

b)  These imperfections vary (depending on product), but are cosmetic in nature.

c)  In NO case would we make available a product that has a working/functioning issue.

2) Discontinued Products – What is a discontinued product?

a) Discontinued products are products we may have changed in design and/or materials, or for one or more reasons discontinued making.

3) Out-of-Date Packaging – What is out of date packaging?

a) Out of date packaging may represent a change in design of packaging art, packaging itself, or a return, wherein the packaging has been damaged and the need to repackage would be necessary for resale at a retailer.

4) Returns

a) Every once in a while we may change-out or exchange (for our retailers) product that may have damaged packaging, or had damage(s) in shipping/handling.

As the product list in this category will change often… be sure to check back often for that GREAT DEAL!

Notice: All merchandise sold under these categories will be sold AS IS and no refunds will be accepted.

Whenever possible we will have a picture and a brief description of issues related to the merchandise being offered at discount price from MSRP.