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As a US Cargo Control Manufacturer, CORE is a leading supplier to the Automotive Aftermarket, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Specialty Outfitters and Consumers alike. For over two decades the founder of CORE Products USA has been providing outstanding products and services. This powerful combination of quality and affordability has earned our innovative line of cargo management solutions the label “CORE VALUE PRODUCTS”.

Retailers and consumers have learned “Our Stuff Works” and have enjoyed our industry leading standard of service for over a decade.

Our Mission Statement
Our commitment at CORE is simple: We base our reputation on providing our customers with value, security, safety, convenience and high-utility in everything we make and market.

We pledge to build buyer loyalty to brand with uncompromising service, creativity and attention to needs. Maintaining integrity is fundamental to our operating philosophy.

Core employs what we refer to as Smart Stewardship!

Smart Stewardship combines policies that are earth conscious as well as business smart. An example of areas we pay attention to: Minimizing packaging for online shipments; use of recyclable paper and packaging materials; recycling waste, and lower energy consumption with our facility/operations… We continue to expand and improve upon these policies when we are aware of best practices.

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